What do Female Escorts Like About Men?

People from different walks of life tend to have preferences based on their likes and dislikes. Such choices would have been formed through time and does the job in satisfying the individual’s interests. The scenario is no different for female escorts as they also have preferences based upon their male clients. Hence, here are some of those things which a female escort wants in men.

The Method of Treatment

Escorts require to be treated with dignity and respect as people with any other profession would like to be treated. Men who disrespect them in this regard are not clients whom escorts would like to hang around with. Men who call for escorts must understand the mode of service, including all the rules and regulations. Hence you have no right to treat them inappropriately, as they are here to provide you with a service.

The Clean Man

There arise numerous instances where you tend to be physical with an escort. As you are exposing your body to another individual, it is a basic understanding that you must be clean. Being well-groomed and having a bath before the process is an important task which you need to follow if you want to be with the escort. As they tend to meet clients regularly, a man who has not had a bath in weeks is not the ideal situation one wants to fall into.

The Basics

An escort is not your teacher in bed. Female escorts are called for a service, and they will leave immediately after they have satisfied the agreement or contract. In such scenarios, you must know the basics of the physical act of love before you enter the bed. These instances can be quite embarrassing for you, as escorts have to guide you through the process which they usually prefer not to. Hence be of the right age and experience before you grab the phone to call an escort.

The Terms of Agreement

As mentioned earlier, escorts are here to satisfy the contract or agreement between them and the client. So naturally, escorts prefer that men stick to the plan of action without deviating from it, by making unwanted requests and suggestions. You must be courteous enough and have the basic sense to understand the length and feasibility of the contract. As a client, you have no right to do things as you like and if you tend to do so, then the escort might leave you.

Payment Upfront

Escorts would like to be paid in advance even before the entire process begins. You need to start things off on a good note by making the payment at first. Escorts love men who abide by such rules and do not create a problem out of it.